Engineering and Design

At Arslan Makina, we serve as a solution partner for our customers’ production processes with our competent engineering team and with our manufacturing experience. We work efficiently covering every step from tooling design and manufacturability analysis to product development and optimisation which are tailored to customer needs. Our engineering team is always ready with vast experience in its field and a solution-oriented approach for new projects.

Tooling Design and Manufacturability Analysis

Arslan Makina engineering department evaluates customer expectations and requests by providing tooling design and by checking the manufacturability of products tailored to customer needs. During the design phase, we use Anycasting® casting simulation software to determine the most suitable casting ingate system for the product. We design die casting tools, trimming tools, CNC fixtures, CMM fixtures and quality control equipment using Solidworks® CAD software. This process lays the foundation for accurately designed, dimensionally precise and high-quality products for our customers.


Production Process Optimisation 

We optimise the production process of our designs using Draftsight® and Esprit® software, enabling us to carry out production processes tailored to our customers’ projects. To meet the continously evolving and changing customer needs, we work with a customer-centric approach by constantantly improving our production processes.

Product Development and Optimisation

In our product development and optimisation efforts, we prioritise meeting functional requirements of products. We transform raw 3D models into products that are optimised in terms of weight, and cost, providing the opportunity for a more efficient production process.

We work to make products optimised for casting, for follow-up production processes and assembly. This allows us to offer our customers the highest quality products at the most reasonable cost. 

We also conduct optimisation and improvement efforts for our existing product range. Through detailed analyses of production processes, we create more efficient and high-quality products. These efforts aim to provide the best service level to our customers and transform customer collaboration into a long-term business relationship.



Technologies we use


Project Phases

In our engineering project planning, we follow a structured methodology to ensure a planned and efficient workflow. We tailor these phases to be specific to our customers’ needs by offering flexible solutions.

  • Defining project objectives 
  • Project requirements
  • Risk assessment   
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Capacity planning 
  • Identifying customer-specific requests
  • Cost estimation 
  • Budgeting
  • Determining the project team
  • Project documentation procedures
  • Defining project scope 
  • Time and cost estimation for the project

  • Determining the workflow diagram
  • Characteristics matrix

  • Part measurement
  • Tooling improvement efforts
  • Pre-production run
  • Process control
  • Sample production
  • PPAP
  • Operation plans
  • MSA and Process capability
  • Control plans
  • Sample shipment to customer

  • PPAP approval
  • Mass production approval
  • Customer feedback
  • Project closure and handover to Production
  • Tooling design and approval process
  • Process parameter calculations
  • Control plan
  • Simulation studies
  • FMEA