Melting is the process of heating a material to the point of liquifaction. Melting is a commonly used method in metals and metal alloys production processes.This method allows the material to undergo casting and forming operations in the desired shape.

At Arslan Makina, we efficiently process aluminium using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality equipment in our melting department. We actively control our melting process at every stage, ensuring the quality standards are maintained at the highest level. With our melting capacity, we can simultaneously process 8 different aluminium alloy types. 

In our melting department, we have high-capacity machinery such as:

  • Central melting furnace (Botta 600/1500 kg)
  • Hydraulic tilting furnaces (Endutherm 587 kg, 2 units)
  • Foundry Degassing Unit (FDU)
  • Transfer crucible pre-heating unit

This machinery enable us to meet our customers’ expectations. 

Melting - 1
Melting - 2
Melting - 3
Melting - 4
Melting - 5
Melting - 6
Melting - 7