Quality Systems

Quality is one of the key factors in achieving an efficient production process and delivering superior products. With our quality standard practices, a quality management system aligned with customer expectations, we ensure the delivery of high-quality products. 

Our quality assurance team, capable of analysing various quality control aspects in our state-of-the-art laboratory, distunguishes itself from our competitors with the precision of control devices such as YXlon X-Ray.  

Quality Control

At Arslan Makina, we routinely measure sample parts taken from production within a planned schedule encompassing aspects from technical drawings and customer requirements. In the event of a possible exception or issue, we intervene promptly, ensuring adherence to our quality standards and process planning. We meet delivery deadlines without compromise.

Equipment List
Zeıss Contura
Mitutoyo Apex
Affri Hardness Measurement
Mitutoyo Apex
Mahr CD-280

Quality Assurance

Customer focus is the foundation of quality for Arslan Makina. We value and encourage customer feedback in quality management, analyse their expectations, and continuously improve our activities to elevate customer satisfaction to the highest level.

Continuous Improvement

At Arslan Makina, we strive to improve our services and products by engaging in continuous improvement activities. In this context, we regularly review our quality standards and stay up to date on the latest technological developments. This helps us to provide our customers with more high-quality and reliable products.

Employee Engagement

We encourage the active participation of our employees in our quality management processes. The ideas and suggestions of our employees are continually evaluated, and we use this experience and knowledge to improve processes. This knowledge transfer not only enhances our service quality but also boosts our team’s motivation.

International Standards Compliance

We operate in accordance with international standards in quality management processes. We manage our processes in compliance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management System standards.

Quality Training

To ensure that our employees adhere to quality management processes, we regularly plan formal training sessions. These training programs ensure that our entire team operates in accordance with quality standards and contribute to our ongoing review and improvement of quality standards.

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