Aluminium high pressure casting is the process of shaping aluminium alloys by melting them and injecting the liquid metal into die casting tools under high pressure. This method allows the production of parts with complex geometries and high precision. It is a manufacturing process widely used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, automation and electronics. 

In our casting department, we conduct production using HPDC machines with clamping forces ranging from 160 tonnes up to 2300 tonnes. This enables us to produce aluminium parts within a weight range from 200 grams to 35 kilograms.

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Technologies We Use

Technology Equipment
Semi solid casting technology GISS Technology
Thermo Regulator Single and dual pumps (Isıtan, Turan soğutma, Regloplas ,Tool-temp.)
Vacuum Equipment Teknosem, PTC
Jetcooling PTC Teknik, Lethiguel
Thermal Camera FLIR E75
Tooling release agent concentration measurement device LaMotte DC1500
Column stress measurement device Fiss Machines
X-ray device YXLON MU2000-D

Machinery Lineup

Machinery Brand Clamping Force Number of Units
Metal Pres 160 Tonnes 2 Units
Zitai 250 Tonnes 1 Unit
OMS Pres 400 Tonnes 1 Unit
Zitai 420 Tonnes 2 Units
Zitai 560 Tonnes 2 Units
Bühler 660 Tonnes 2 Units
Metal Pres 750 Tonnes 2 Units
Müller Weingarten 2300 Tonnes 1 Unit
Gravity casting equipment Tilting equipment 1 Unit
Gravity casting equipment Tilting equipment 1 Unit