People and Career

People and Career

Human-centric work for a sustainable future.

We are a company that embraces and encourages teamwork, values harmony and prioritises efficient collaboration. We not only prioritise occupational health and safety but also value social relationships, providing a human-centric work environment. We work together to create value collectively.

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Our People and Career Policy

We strive to create an open communication channel with our employees, actively seeking their opinions and suggestions. Additionally, we transparently manage business processes ensuring our employees are well-informed on business matters.

At Arslan Makina, we place importance to teamwork. We foster strong cooperation and communication among our employees. Our motivation is to achieve success together!

We implement various practices to ensure the motivation and job satisfaction of our employees. We have practices such as performance-based rewards and valuing the opinions of our employees.

We provide opportunities for our employees to enhance their skills and improve themselves professionally. We support them in obtaining the required trainings and in continuing their professional development.

In our processes such as recruitment, promotion, and rewarding, we adopt an approach based on talent development and performance. We provide opportunities for our employees to progress and enhance their careers based on their achievements.

Health and Safety of our employees are our top priority. In this regard, we comply with all legal requirements and regulations related to occupational health and safety, ensuring that all our employees work in a safe environment.

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