Powder Painting

Electrostatic powder painting is a painting technology used to apply a durable and aesthetic coating to metal surfaces. This technology charges powder paint particles with an electrostatic charge, ensuring better adhesion to the part surfaces and enhancing coating quality. Electrostatic powder coating offers several advantages over traditional wet painting methods, including high coating quality, low environmental impact, less paint waste and faster drying times. 

This method finds widespread use in various industries, particularly for coating metal products such as automotive parts, furniture, home appliances, construction materials, sports equipment and more. 

Arslan Makina is well-equipped with modern and advanced technology machinery for electrostatic powder painting processes. Our equipment is specially designed to provide our customers with high-quality paint coatings. Morover, we can offer customised solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Similar to Arslan Makina’s other services, electrostatic powder painting processes are characterised by high-quality and a focus on customer satisfaction. 

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