Auxiliary Operations

Robotic Deburring Line 

Deburring is a process used to eliminate roughness and defects on the surfaces of parts. This process ensures that the surfaces are made smooth and have the desired thickness and dimensions. 

Our robotic deburring line comes with with state-of-the-art equipment such as high-precision sensors, control systems and robotic arms. This allows for utmost efficiency as well as highly standard results. At Arslan Makina, our robotic deburring line enables us to meet customer expectations and enhance the quality of our products. 


Trimming is the process of cutting off excess material from a part after the aluminium die casting process. At Arslan Makina, we perform trimming using robotic applications, ensuring high standards in our production.

Automated Assembly Line

Arslan Makina prioritises customer satisfaction and offers a fast and efficient assembly process. Our automated assembly line provides a suitable solution for customers looking to enhance productivity and to optimise their production processes.

Other Auxiliary Processes

Arslan Makina carries out various support operations in the production process to meet customer expactations. Among these are operations such as shotblasting, vibro finishing, washing, assembly, drilling, sawing and leak testing.

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