Aluminium forging process involves the use of special presses, and high-strength components are produced through hot and cold forming. This process strenghtens the crystal structure of aluminium alloys, imparting superior properties to components. At Arslan Makina, we can process aluminium alloys of 1000, 2000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 series using this method, enabling us to supply our customers with custom-made, rigid, light-weight and robust components. 

Impression forging is a method particularly used in the production of cylindrical and robust components. Under high pressure, aluminium alloys are forged and splattered, resulting in seamless parts such as cylinders, motor tubes and pipes. 

Cold deep drawing is a process focused on the production of thin-sectioned and seamless cylinders and pipes. This method yields high-strength, this-sectioned seamless tubes avoiding ovalisation issues with precise drawing. It is especially effective in the production of components that meet specific technical requirements. 

Forging - 1
Forging - 2
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