Pioneering technologies, sustainable production, service at international standards, a global brand!

By continually improving our quality standards and increasing our sustainable and value-added production capacity, our aim is to provide the best service to our customers worldwide and be a leading player in our industry in terms of technology and engineering.



Our mission at Arslan Makina: Manufacturing environmentally friendly and high-qualityaluminium products prioritising customer satisfaction with a people-centred approach.

At Arslan Makina, we have summarized our mission in 20 steps. Each step serves as a reminder to us, and we continue to work together with our customers, our team and all our stakeholders with shared values.  

  1. Provide customer-focused service.
  2. Be a leader in our industry and demonstrate continuous improvement.
  3. Be open to innovation and develop innovative products.
  4. Prioritise quality.
  5. Use environmentally friendly production methods.
  6. Adhere to ethical business practices.
  7. Prioritise occupational health and safety.
  8. Provide our employees with a fair and supportive work environment.
  9. Operate with a sense of social responsibility.
  10. Establish long-term business relationships with our business partners and suppliers.
  11. Provide fast and effective solution-oriented services.
  12. Always prioritise customers satisfaction.
  13. Follow and adhere to national and international standards.
  14. Invest in and use high technology and modern production equipment.
  15. Conduct production with expert personnel and suitably trained employees.
  16. Be a reliable and respected brand in our community.
  17. Establish good business practices with all stakeholders in the industry.
  18. Increase efficiency and minimise costs.
  19. Conduct reliable and sustainable business practices.
  20. Continually renew and improve ourselves.

Our Values

We continously improve our production processes by investing in technology. We aim to ensure precision in manufacturing of all our products for every customer and to achieve top-level product quality.

We prioritise establishing open and honest communication with our customers and value transparency throughout the entire business processes. We provide clear and timely information to our customer regarding the quality of our products, delivery dates and costs, ensuring flawless deliveries on scheduled dates. Honest communication and mutual trust are indispensable for us.

With our engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, we offer customised solutions and flexibility for our customers in our business processes.

We are working for people and we cherish nature. We aim to conduct an eco-friendly production process to protect the ecosystem with every stakeholder. We engage in initiatives such as waste reduction, energy conservation, water efficiency, waste management and a sustainable supply chain. 

Visit our Sustainability and Environment page for more information on our initiatives.