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Our Values

First we work with the human principle. We treat our employees with respect, fairness and fairness.We attach importance to internal communication, we adopt the principle of honesty and openness. Our main goal is to create a happy workplace. We give importance to employee motivation. We are motivated by the happiness of our employees. We create a working environment that is dominated by respect, and we adopt an approach that accepts the principle of mutual rights and duties based on mutual goodwill, respect and love.

We are ethical and reliable. In the light of laws and social values, we treat fair, honest and ethical rules. As a specialist, we give confidence with our behavior and knowledge.

We are solution oriented. We do not leave our employees and managers unresolved, we examine the problems in full and we look for the answer to what we can do.

We follow and encourage innovations. With our individual suggestion system, we attach importance to the ideas of our employees and we realize innovations with these ideas. We work to achieve perfection by making a difference in our work.

We work as a team. We respect and trust each other, accept the success of all of us and work with the consciousness of Arslan Makina family. We care about team spirit.


  • To create a high performance culture, to increase employee productivity and to create a qualified, motivated, committed workforce.
  • Increase organizational efficiency.
  • To provide a healthy, safe and peaceful working environment in terms of worker health and safety.
  • To protect and develop personal rights of personnel.To reinforce the sense of belonging.
  • Respect individual differences.
  • To adopt the understanding of working environmentally friendly in the awareness of social responsibility.
  • To ensure the formation of “Corporate Culture and Consciousness” of the personnel.
  • To ensure that ethical rules and equal opportunity are applied without exception.


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